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The world of media is regarded by many as the most exciting sector to work in. This section is dedicated to giving you practical advice on how to get into the media industry and enjoy a media career. Click on the links below to find advice, useful links and reading material for your chosen career path in media.

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Web Design and Development Careers

How to get in to Design

Design is competitive by nature and therefore careers in design are challenging to establish. Employers are looking for graphic designers with a difference with proven experience. You can't get a job without experience and you can't get experience without a job - so is the catch 22 situation for many a job seeker. Work for free if you have to. If you want a web design career, offer to design websites for family members or friends as it will benefit you in the long run.

It is essential to build a portfolio of your work, especially if you're lacking in any real work experience. Your portfolio has to stand out but you must also be sensible about your audience and try to design your portfolio around your potential employer. Use your initiative to promote your specific abilities. Create an online portfolio if you're a graphic designer or build a couple of URL's if you want to get in to web design.

If you haven't already done a course then you should seriously think about it. Experience goes a long way but the latest qualifications will give you that edge. Develop your presentation skills not just your design ability as this will help you during the interview process.

Useful Links

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