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The world of media is regarded by many as the most exciting sector to work in. This section is dedicated to giving you practical advice on how to get into the media industry and enjoy a media career. Click on the links below to find advice, useful links and reading material for your chosen career path in media.

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Journalism Careers

How to get in to Journalism

The publishing (print and online media) and broadcast (TV and radio) sectors produce printed and digital information for the individual and corporate consumer. This includes books, magazines, journals, newspapers, databases, directories, electronic media and websites. Work experience is key to establishing a career in journalism.

Send articles you've written to media employers as examples of what you can do, along with suggestions for articles. To get work experience you may find you have to work for free. If so, placements shouldn't last longer than a few weeks and you should receive expenses to cover your costs. Refer to the National Union of Journalist's work experience guidelines if you are unsure. Wherever you get your work experience - school or university paper, local or trade publications or one of the national newspapers' graduate programmes - make the most of it as it could well be a foot in the door to a journalism career. The web is a wonderful leveller, remember anyone can start a blog or submit content online - anything that builds up your portfolio of clippings is worth your while.

Finally be persistent. Any contact you make in the industry is good, so - ring, write, email, beg...

Useful Links

  • Up to Speed Journalism offer a variety of NTCJ accredited journalism courses
  • Kent University offers a selection of NTCJ accredited Journalism courses and has a extensive careers advice page at:
  • Bournemouth University offers a wide variety of media course as well as a selection of NTCJ accredited Journalism courses.
  • Teesside University offers a wide variety of media degrees, including NTCJ accredited Journalism courses, CIPR accredited PR courses as well as Advertising, Marketing and Design courses.
  • - National Council for the Training of Journalists for advice in general and a list of accredited Journalism courses.
  • - Advice, news and useful links for getting into journalism.
  • - National Union of Journalists.
  • - A freelance journalist directory. Sign up for a profile and to receive press releases in your chosen sectors.
  • - Tech and business press release wire.
  • - Information request service for journalists, plus general press release wire.

Reading Material

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